Designer Andrea Angiolino

Pier Giorgio Paglia

Illustrator Vincenzo Auletta Dario Cali

Publisher Nexus Editrice

Players 2 to 8

Age range 10 and up

Setup time 5 minutes

Playing time 30 minutes Random chance Damage

Skills required Simultaneous action selection

Wings of War, by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, is a modular boardgame collection published by Nexus Editrice and dedicated to air combat.

The games mix card game, board game, and miniature wargaming mechanics to simulate air combat in the 20th century. The first collection is dedicated to the First World War, while a second collection is about the Second World War. The air images and cover scenes are by Vincenzo Auletta, and the landscapes on the cards are by Dario Cali. The graphic design is by Fabio Maiorana. The illustrations are based on extensive historical research.

First released in Italian in 2004, the game has an official English edition by Fantasy Flight Games. Other official editions have appeared in German, Greek, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Polish, besides translations into other languages.

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