Weapons of the Gods

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The Nature of The Game - Set in the mythic China of every kung fu movie, Weapons of the Gods is the roleplaying game of Wuxia Action – the chinese martial arts fantasy tradition. When you play the game, you are transported in your imagination to a time when words had to be backed with action – action powered by your martial arts prowess!

What You Can Play - Complete in one volume, the game has everything you need to enter fourth-century China – a time of which few records exist, save as a few tales, tales which you will write with your friends. When you enter the game, you choose one of three Archetypes – the kinds of character concepts that participate in the Martial Arts World, the larger community of kung fu warriors. The Archetypes are broad types of character, loose enough to let you create the kind of the character you want within the context of the setting. The Three Archetypes are Warriors, those who fight directly, with fist and weapon; Courtiers, who engage in the subtle conflicts that influence individuals and drive entire societies; and Scholars, collectors of all information, esoteric and mundane – able to warp the course of fate and fortune with what they learn. Each Archetype is big enough to hold whatever character concept that interests a player; it’s all about the challenge that interests them – Warriors like conflict, Courtiers are into influencing people and events, and Scholars like to collect information and mystic lore!

Interesting Rules – Weapons of the Gods comes with its own easy –to-use rules set – simply roll your skill in ten-sided dice (die pools never exceed 7 or 8 at most), add in whatever bonuses you get from weapon or martial art you’re using, and that’s all there is to it! No seeking for tons of bonuses to add up, just take the best and go. Combat is tactical and interesting, evoking the feel of martial arts movies with move, counter-move and maneuvering for position.

Plenty to Do – Wuxia Fiction is always about politics – it’s about what people want, what they’re willing to do to get it, and what they’re willing to risk! While powerful kung fu and divine magic weapons certainly are important, in wuxia, it’s what you want to do with them that counts! The game handles all scales of story – if your players want to topple the Unrighteous Emperor and install the rightful heir to the throne, they can… or try to take it and keep it for themselves. Weapons of the Gods can even handle a group of players deciding to found their own kung fu clan, and build it up to become a power in the land!

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