The Infected is a one-shot roleplaying game of survival horror, about characters struggling to achieve their personal goals in the midst of a deadly infection.

Players decide on setting and genre at start of play, and character creation is a matter of drawing a card and describing a quick character concept. The Director decides on the nature of the infection, which may be anything from a mystical zombie curse to an alien supervirus.

Play is divided into three reels of scenes, during which the infection becomes progressively more widespread. Players call for scenes in which their characters can attempt steps toward their personal goals, while the GM provides opposition, encourages conflict, and attempts to spread the infection to the player characters. Players create key NPCs that can aid their characters in pursuit of their goals, but that come gradually under the control of the GM as they succumb to the the infection. Player characters may also succumb to infection, at which point they abandon their goals and their players aid the GM.

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