A Short History of the Game

In 1988 a small company called Bard Games published The Chronicles of Talislanta, the first in a series of books about a role playing game called Talislanta. The fantastic artwork of P.D. Breeding-Black and a quirky world setting influenced by the works of author Jack Vance soon earned the game something of a cult following in certain circles, as well as some pretty good reviews. "Out of the ordinary", said Dragon Magazine. "So rich with information that even non-role-players will enjoy reading it", said Science Fiction Age. "Top 10 Recommended Games" (Heroic Worlds, by Lawrence Schick); "Ten Favorite Games" (The Complete Guide to Role-Playing Games, by Rick Swan).

And my personal favorite, also from Mr. Swan: "It's as if H.P. Lovecraft had written Alice in Wonderland with Hans Christian Anderson and William S. Burroughs".

Ten years have passed since then. In that time, Talislanta has been through three different publishers (and one non-publisher), four different editions (including the brand-new 10th Anniversary Edition), and enough perils pitfalls, and near-death experiences to kill-off a dozen other games. Yet despite the problems Talislanta has survived, thanks mainly to the efforts of its fans, whose loyalty and support have made Talislanta "the Rasputin of role playing games" -- hard to kill (and also a little weird).

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