StrikeForce: 2136

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Welcome to a different kind of Sci FI. Will youy choose to fight those who threaten everything you hold dear or simply give in and be a used by the System. In StrikeForce:2136 You get to make that choice every time you play.

StrikeForce: 2136 RPG

The System Dominates. Will you Fight it? The StrikeForce Role Playing Game is based on the Conflict System. Gaining experience, StrikeForce characters gain detailed skills and access to more powerful technology. The world is a place of violent competition between Corporations, Nations, and Independent Guilds. The characters are placed in a world, where on the surface they appear to be the power and strength of society. Only to discover they are simply pawn of the larger forces that run the world. From the UN to the rumors of Paulson units and Aliens, the StrikeForces tend to be the asset of choice to get the job done. StrikeForce: 2136 is a detailed technology game that shows the ability of humanity to adapt and thrive through the most horrible of situations. StrikeForce: 2136 uses the Conflict Gaming System. Some of the aspects of this system includes.

* Detailed high tech combat, with the ability to influence combat effects after the roll.

* Technology combat, Where the device is but and extension of the characters skills.

* Quick and simple vehicle combat system

* Ability to create new technology, weapons, and armor

* Detailed skill and character development.

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