StarCluster 2 is an RPG heavily informed by the Classic SF of Cherryh, Niven, and Brin. It is set in a star cluster some 300 LY from the Solar System. 500 years before, humans began coming to the Cluster in many huge STL fusion colony shipps, fleeing the destruction of the Solar System, and the slower ships are still coming. Meanwhile, the humans of the Cluster have discovered FTL technology, settled many worlds, and met up with the numerous aliens of the Cluster.

The tech levels of the worlds of the Cluster range from neolithic to hyper advanced societies with morphing active plasteel, temporal dilation, and arbitrary body-shaping biotech, and with the inpouring of humanity, it's getting crowded. The remaining habitable worlds are bones of contention between the various human and alen powers. The long long voyage from earth - the fastest colony ships spent 1200 years to get here - and isolation on their new worlds before FTL travel was discovered have filled the Cluster with many, many bizarre cultures, each with their own ways, and intolerant of differences.

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