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The deadly Doctor Methuselah seeks to unravel time itself with his solution to the Eternity Equation... Gorilla Khan stalks darkest Africa from conquered Atlantis... Mad scientists, strange sorcerers, and power-hungry dictators all seek to undo the fate of humanity. It's the final century of the second millennium, and you are our last hope!

Spirit of the Century is a complete, stand-alone pulp role-playing game based on the award-winning Fate system (Indie RPG Awards include: Best Free Game of 2003, Best Support, and Andy's Choice).

Spirit features a heavily revised, revisited, and re-imagined vision of Fate. Character creation can be done as quickly as a few minutes, or expanded to take up an evening; adventure design is a snap with three methods for creating relevant, flavorful, player-focused stories at a moment's notice. Spirit's mission is to deliver an evening of fun, a "pick-up" game that requires little preparation, but provides hours of entertainment.

(Quoted from the Spirit of the Century homepage)


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