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Paranoia is a tabletop RPG, where the players are "troubleshooters". That means you find trouble, and then you shoot it. "Trouble" is made of "communists" and members of other secret societies, as well as mutants and traitors.

The catch is that everyone (including you & your teammates) is a member of a secret society, everyone is a mutant, and no living person can help but be a traitor. So are all of the dead ones, of course. Otherwise they wouldn't be dead, now would they?


Paranoia can be played as anything from a slapstick deathfest that makes no claims of coherency ("zap" style), to a mix of slapstick, backstabbing, and satire ("classic" style), to a much darker game reminiscent of 1984 and Brazil ("straight" style).

Wikipedia entry & Mongoose Publishing site.

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