Nobilis is a diceless roleplaying game written by R. Sean Borgstrom (Jenna Katerin Moran). In it, the players portray (usually) men and women who (always) have been empowered by one of the multitudinous gods, angels and stranger things which populate the stranger parts of the world, and elementally joined to an aspect of reality, called an Estate. This concept is the player's choice, and can be almost anything: Music, War, Steel, Storms, Debate, Trade, Night, Vapor, Sun, Musical Theatre, whatever. The character is now the "Power" of that Estate, and embodies, commands, and defends it from threats foreign and domestic.

Players as a group also design their Imperator, the being that empowered each of them, and the Chancel, the strange locality where they and their Imperator are most at home. Characters are further defined by their Bonds, numerical measurements of how invested they are in their Estate, family, personal projects, motorcycles, or what-have-you. Play is usually focused on the defense of these various concerns from both other Powers and the Excrucians, dark angels from outside the universe who fight to un-make it, one Estate at a time, for their own inscrutable (read as, To be Determined by the GM) purposes.

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