Mutant Chronicles

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It is the nature of life to create, to push back the boundaries of its world. It is the nature of man to destroy what he has created and defend, unto death, the boundaries that he calls his own. It is the fire that fuels our supremacy; it is our nemesis! For, in the dark recesses of our minds, in the cold vacuum between the stars, there lurks an unspeakable presence that looks upon the darkness of our hearts with slavering anticipation. It is the dark soul, and with every life we take, with every drop of blood we shed, with every treacherous deed, every famine, every war, every psychotic act, we bind ourselves more closely to its dark purpose. And the dark soul delights in our weakness. Despite our efforts to resist, the Dark soul is laughing at you! For you can no more shed the blackness in your soul, than then the wolf can shed its teeth, its claws and its desire for rending flesh. Hide yourself away and it will find you, fight and it shall destroy you, slay yourself and it shall claim your soul, submit and it shall mock you for all eternity ... And yet, there is a way; a way to prevail. But will you find it? I think not. For even now you feel the dark soul clutching at your soul... Can you feel it? Can you hear it laughing? It is laughing at you ...

A retro sci-fi setting ruled by corporate interests and back-biting. An alien threat is laying siege to the worlds of man and infiltrating and destroying society with misinformation, lies, promises of power, and threats, alongside more conventional warfare techniques. Is the light of the Brotherhood's religious order enough to keep the Darkness at bay?

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