In Harm's Way: Aces In Spades

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The second game in the In Harm's Way series, Aces In Spades concentrates on fighter pilots in the Great War, World War I, You can be French, British, American, or German pilots; going up in fragile wood and cloth planes, barely a decade after the incention of the aeroplane, determened to shoot down other brave pilots.

Aces In Spades uses the same system as the original In Harm's Way, with troupe play, Honor/Practicality mechanic, advance in career by Notice and Interest, and advance in skill by time.

Aces In Spades features a new aerial combat system using markers to represent potential and immediate energy as your aeroplane swings through maneuver after maneuver, generating complex dogfights. The file also contains 16 custom dogfighting sheets for the most famous of Great War fighters.

Aces in Spades carries the tradition of In Harm's Way: A Napoleonic Naval Roleplaying Game on into a new dimension.

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