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Fighting the Forces of Darkness so you don't have to!

InSpectres is an Indie roleplaying game about the burgeoning supernatural investigation and elimination market. Start a company and try to stay afloat long enough to cash in those sweet, sweet stock options.

The player characters have just started a franchise in the supernatural investigation and elimination company InSpectres. They investigate paranormal phenomena, hunt ghosts, and kill vampires, depending on their company's niche.

As in many RPGs, actions in InSpectres are resolved using dice rolls. However, where most RPGs use die rolls to decide between success and failure of an action, InSpectres uses a more adversarial system in which the player describes what happens if the result is good and the game master if the roll is bad. If the player succeeds, they earn "franchise dice", and when enough are collected the current case is solved. Players can at any time use confessionals, in the style of reality television, to add traits to other players' characters or steer events their way.

(Quoted from the Inspectres homepage and the Inspectres entry on Wikipaedia)


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