Immortal Invisible War

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Millions of years ago the dragon immortals known as the Abzulim enslaved nearly all other immortal creatures. They created an empire that spanned the cosmos and made war with the Primals, elemental entities older than the universe itself. When the war ended, the Abzulim fled this world and the Primals all but vanished from existence. The various species of slave immortals, now free, wandered in groups called Prides until the coming of humanity. Both blessed and cursed by mortal faith, the immortals were transformed into human-like guises; they were exalted as gods, monsters and supernatural heroes by the infant human race. However, internal strife and hatred between the Pantheons led to their own wars and the end of their stewardship over humanity. The immortals went into seclusion for eons until they eventually filtered back out amongst humanity in secret several thousand years ago.

Upon their return, they fought against other immortals who served dark ancient powers from before the dawn of time. After many bitter defeats, and with scar-laden souls, they beat back their enemies and thought they had finally won. But it was only the beginning; for somewhere out there the Deepwalkers, mightiest of the Abzulim, had returned to Earth. They had evolved beyond the ability of normal immortals to see them for their true selves. Now the Immortal Tribes, descendants of their own mythical past, wage war against the minions of the Deepwalkers in the hopes of finding a way to stop their former masters. They fight the Droves, groups of twisted mortal creatures, and the Progeny, their dark immortal leaders. All the while the mortal world continues on very close to how we have always known it, unaware of the invisible war that transpires around and within.

But the end of the modern world draws near as the myths that humanity holds dear begin to crumble; ancient gods, myths and legends are rising from their secret places to fight this final war against the forces of darkness. A new age of legend is dawning, terrible, magical and breathtaking. Possessed of supernatural powers and the ability to shapeshift into primordial forms of animal, plant, and element, the immortals must wield their awesome powers in order to save their last refuge, Earth. Centuries ago, a small handful of immortals were chosen; to be the last salvation, or damnation, of the immortal race. You are Ingenue, a new player on the immortal stage; can you discover the truth of your past, assume the mantle of your destiny, and take your rightful place as a champion of your people? Or will the darkness consume you and make you one of its own? How will you handle the challenge?

Originally created in the 1980's with a public release during '93 & '94, Immortal Invisible War is the 3rd Edition of the role-playing game developed by artist and writer Ran Ackels. You discover that you are part of an ancient race of shapeshifters with the power to alter reality itself. Immortals have the ability to literally reinvent themselves through a special form of reincarnation-like evolution; you may have been an ancient god, mythical creature or legendary hero in ages past. Reborn into the modern world, you and other immortals wage war against dark forces to save your last bastion in the universe, Earth. The forces you stand against are comprised of many foes; immortals like yourself that have given in to their darkest natures and mortal agents both normal and twisted by dark powers. Chief among these enemies are the mighty Abzulim, an ancient draconian race known to be the first immortals; former masters of all the other immortals who they enslaved for millions of years. The crux of this war centers on humanity and the vital role it plays in the grand scheme of the universe. Humanity is not yet ready to understand the truth about the immortal race; however, it is slowing coming to a turning point that could lead it down a path of ultimate destruction, or into a new beginning. Your race feels that if humanity takes the darker of the two paths, it will also lead to your destruction as well. Are you up to the challenge?

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