For gamers who play either any game in the HarnWorld setting, or the HarnMaster game in any setting.
HarnWorld and HarnMaster are published by Columbia Games and Kelestia Productions.
HarnWorld is a high-realism, gritty, system-independent FRPG setting known for abundant detail, internal consistency, and fanatic following.
HarnMaster is an RPG ruleset that is expressly designed to make the most of a HarnWorld campaign by using deep hooks into HarnWorld's incredible detail.HarnMaster is modular so you can combine some elements of HarnMaster with another game system.
Both HarnMaster and HarnWorld are well-supported by a loyal fanbase. The best place to find other Harniacs is at the independent, fan-operated HarnForum.
There are numerous fansites with high-quality downloads, most of them suitable for any FRPG. A great place to start is the independent website.

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