GURPS Fantasy is a guide to designing fantasy settings for tabletop roleplaying games, especially GURPS. It is also useful for writers who want to flesh out their settings. It contains a write-up of Roma Arcana, a fantasy setting based on ancient Rome, as a worked example.

Important Note: GURPS Fantasy is also the name of two out-of-print publications, neither of which is related to the current GURPS Fantasy. If your interest is in one of those, pick one of the following tags instead:

The first is GURPS Fantasy: Magic System and Game World (GURPS Fantasy World for short). It was published for the First Edition GURPS rules, and had a magic system and an overview of an original medieval fantasy setting. The magic rules would later be revised and expanded to become the default GURPS magic system, which is introduced in the Basic Set and expanded on in GURPS Magic.

The second, GURPS Fantasy: The Magical World of Yrth, (GURPS Yrth for short) was published for the Third Edition GURPS system. It expanded and revised the setting introduced in GURPS Fantasy: Magic and Game System. Later, it was in turn revised, expanded, and updated to Fourth Edition, to become GURPS Banestorm.

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