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This tag is for both the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, aka the Dungeon Fantasy boxed set, and the earlier GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, on which it is based. The two games are largely compatible, though according to author Sean Punch, "there will be adaptations needed" if material from one game is used in the other. Both are tongue-in-cheek "dungeon crawl" fantasy roleplaying games, where larger-than-life heroes fight monsters and evade traps for treasure. In the words of Sean Punch, the games are "inspired most heavily by Tunnels & Trolls, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, First Edition, NetHack, and Diablo II."

The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is a standalone boxed set with streamlined rules designed with beginners in mind. It "contains everything you need to play: cardboard figures, combat maps, dice, and five full-color rulebooks that feature original art." It features templates for 11 player character professions and 9 playable races, as well as a complete magic system and an introductory adventure.

The original GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is a series of sourcebooks intended for use with the GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Magic. It highlights the detail and flexibility of the GURPS system, offering a wide variety of balanced character options. The 3 core books include "professional templates" for 11 basic player character types, as well as 110 "mixed professions" and 38 (yes, 38) playable races. The many expansions provide even more options.

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