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The Dresden Files are a series of novels written by Jim Butcher, following the cases of Harry Dresden, modern-day Chicago's only openly practicing wizard (and private eye). Harry spends much of his time strapped for cash, surrounded by friends and foes both fierce and dangerous, and does what he can to carve out a little corner of sanity in the world. Occasionally this has meant saving the world. But more often it's just meant surviving long enough to get the check cashed at the bank.

Harry's world is a dark place, shot through with silvery veins of hope. Mankind is prey here to all manner of nasty creatures from beyond the world, out of the other-place called the Nevernever. But mortal humans also hold that most precious right of all -- the ability to choose their fates, truly and fully. And thankfully for all of us, some of them choose to fight back the darkness.

Would that it were so for the rest of humanity. Man, as a whole, is blind to the supernatural. It's not because of some strange and profound magic. Worse. It's because man uses that power of choice to its most insidious end: man chooses to ignore what he cannot understand. And so the dark forces of the Nevernever work their ways upon us all -- and few, if any, will admit to themselves that it's happening.

It's not just the wizards of the White Council who have chosen to face down the worst the Nevernever has to offer. You'll find them in all corners of Chicago, from all walks of life. The cops in Chicago P.D.'s Special Investigations may get the shaft on their beat, but they're some of the few who carry a badge and know what to do when a demon tosses a dumpster at their heads. In the criminal underworld, Mafia don Gentleman Johnny Marcone walks the middle line — sometimes he'll strike a deal with the forces of darkness, and other times he'll empty an automatic rifle into it, depending on what's good for business. And three Knights of the Cross take up the armor of faith to free the innocent from evil.

And it's not just normal people who fight on the side of light. A pack of werewolves split time between attending their classes at the university and keeping their neck of the woods clear of supernatural vermin. Half-faerie allies guard their own and draw the line against both Summer and Winter Courts. And not everyone in the vampire courts is purely a monster -- though trusting one of them is another matter entirely.

Characters in the Roleplaying game of the Dresden Files will face only the limits of your imagination. The Dresden Files RPG will utilise the FATE system and players will be able to pick up the series characters and run games with them, or create their own characters -- wizards, vampires, werewolves, faeries, holy knights, mafia dons, occult cops, ninja librarians, and more. (Quoted from the Dresden Files RPG website.)


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