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Of the few people that have read it, quite a few argue that it might actually be one of the worst RPG's ever designed that isn't an atrocity against man (see Fatal). Based on an early 90's sci-fi novel series, players play players in a digital playground. That is to say that players will find themselves being gamers inside a game. This system utilizes a watered-down d6 system and a rather clumsy and unusual point buy system. However, the system is not without its own level of campy charm. Because of the gamer concept, people's exp is measured in points. Every "game" they enter, they can choose to spend these points differently. So, a player becomes a different character even inbetween one session. Furthermore, the game doesn't force someone to spend so many points on skills, and items HAVE to take the form players want them to take according to a rather unusual rule. So, it's possible to skip all those silly powers and just buy a 900 Candy Cane Bazookas in a Film Noir setting. On top of that, the scenarios (save your time keys to your time car from Raptors. No superpowers. You wasted them fighting Hitler) are ridiculous.

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