First of all, Deliria is a role-playing game set in modern times, in what seems to be the normal world. So you will take on the roles of people, everyday people like yourself. It is not, however, a sit-com or a reality show.

There's more to Deliria than normal life. The premise behind Deliria is conveyed in a musical metaphor. It is said that all of creation came from one Song. Imagine, if you will, many songs branching out from that one.

Almost all of those songs are so vastly different in pitch, key, and tempo, that they are unaware of one another. But we know of at least two that can mingle. Ours, and the other.

At times, these songs have grown apart, and at times, they have struck a discord and interfered with one another. Lately, one of them has become loud, and the szforsando stings the ears of the others.

The worlds are close, but separated by long forgotten roads or abandoned doorways or faerie circles. Those with a gift to see them, or a little imagination, can find them in almost every corner of out world. Even those without any will sometimes find themselves crossing over.

The songs are coming together now. For how long is anyone's guess. They have risen and fallen against one another since the dawn of time. Our world, with it's mighty concrete edifices and our quantum leaps in technology, is sending ripples through the world of the Folk.

This is where our Faerie tale begins.

But this is not the Faerie of European lore; rather, it's a swirling realm of colors and cultures the likes of which has never been seen before. Nor is it easy; indeed, like any trip to Faerie, it's paved with epic dangers. It is, however, fascinating; influences merge and mingle in phantasmal waves of Old World and New Era, of magic and mundanity, faith and technology. That which has been eternally separate is melding into something new and wonderful. It's terrifying to some, a miracle to others.

It's an age of transformation. A changeling time, a goblin market. A world where anything is possible of only we dare claim it.

We are alive in the age of miracles.

Welcome to Deliria.

Let's play.

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