Conspiracy of Shadows

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Bob Goat Press

Conspiracy of Shadows is a game of dark truths, hidden agendas, and a plan larger than the imagination. Just as many hands work towards both hiding and revealing the truth, gameplay encourages the whole group to create the action... No one knows for certain the full truth... until they play.

Conspiracy of Shadows is set in a fictional world based on medieval Eastern Europe and modeled on TV shows such as the X-Files and Millennium. The mechanics are designed to create character-focused stories that ask hard questions like:

  • Who is more monstrous, the creation that does evil or the creator that made it?
  • Are the monsters we fight our own making?
  • What is evil and where does it come from?If all things spring from the divine, does that not also include evil?
  • Does this mean that evil is rooted in good?
  • Why must the innocent suffer and the wicked prevail?
  • Why are some chosen to be cursed and others blessed?
  • Is it wrong to sympathize with the monstrous?
  • Do we truly become that which we fight?
  • Is redemption always possible?

(Quoted from the conspiracy of Shadows home page)


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