The Burning Wheel is a fantasy role-playing game independently written and published by Luke Crane. The game uses a dice pool mechanic (using only standard six sided dice) for resolution, and a system of prior-experience for character generation, which tracks the development of the new character from birth up to the point they begin adventuring.

Unlike many other RPGs (but explicitly like earlier games) the Burning Wheel does not include a dedicated setting, beyond the setting implied by the rules and mechanics and the life-paths used in character generation, which by default implies a fantasy world, though can be easily modified for additional settings.

The core game includes two volumes: the Burning Wheel, containing rules and mechanics, and the Character Burner, with life-paths for generating Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs as characters, providing each with unique exceptions or additions to the overall game mechanics. Humans have access to Sorcery and miraculous Faith, Elves have a Grief statistic and spell-songs, Dwarves have Greed and Orcs have blasphemous Hatred. Rules expansions allow additional races, such as Dark Elves, who have turned their Grief into murderous Spite.

The Monster Burner supplement includes pre-made monsters and mechanics for designing and building your own creatures and complete life-paths for them, allowing the game to cover a much broader range of adventure and setting. This volume also contains four new and complete races for BW: Great Wolves, Roden, Great Spiders, and Trolls.

The game's first dedicated setting was Burning Sands: Jihad, a science fiction expansion of galaxy-spanning religious war. (From the BW entry on Wikipaedia)


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