Artesia: Adventures in the Known World

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The Ages of The Known World come, and the Ages of The Known World go...

The Emperor of Thessid-Gola had been on the verge of recreating the Golden Empire of Dauban Hess when he fell into a Gray Dream from which he has not awakened, even after over four hundred years. And his sleeping body slumped in the highest throne of the Phoenix Courthas been the mark of this Age, the specter hanging over it, an Age in which rather than stepping forward into an Age of Men without gods, or backward into another Age of Legend, the World instead stepped sideways.

And now this dream of an Age is ending, and strange things are afoot in every corner of the World: the Sultan of Thessid-Gola has taken up the Emperor’s cause, and his armies stir to return the Empire to its glory; the heralds of the Isliklidae, dark memories of the Divine King’s time on earth, are moving in the Empire’s halls of power with hidden aims; the Lokhite barbarian hordes have appeared from out of the Unknown World to cast a long and horned shadow over the north; the Usurper has ruled the city-state of Palatia Archaia for almost a century, blending the Old Religion of the goddess Yhera with the state-of-the-art arms, armor, and ships of the Arsenal, and behind him stands the Lord Mott, rumored to be the Philosopher-King in Waiting; and a young woman born with a witch’s gifts has chosen the path of War and rises to power in the Highlands of Daradja. Everywhere the secret Cults of forbidden gods and desires are spreading, and they seem to be whispering in the shadows: the Gray Dream is almost over, and something is coming, something strange and wonderful and never seen before, and the Emperor knows what it is.

Welcome to The Known World. Welcome to the end of an Age…

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