AGON is a competitive RPG set in a fantastic version of ancient Greece similar to that of the Illiad and the Odyssey. The heroes work together against the enemies and obstacles created by the Antagonist, but the players compete to win the most glory for their heroes.The player who earns the most glory wins the game.

AGON features a fast and intuitive battle system in which the players hold dice in their right and left hands to represent the weapons and defenses of their heroes. When the hero swings a sword, the player rolls her right hand dice. When the hero deflects a blow with her shield, the left hand dice are rolled. The battle system can also be used for other types of conflict, including chases, wrestling matches, and even non-physical battles like a duel of wits, in which the heroes fight with Insight and Spirit as their "weapons."

AGON supports short-form play (1 to 5 sessions) as well as long-term campaign play.

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