1000 blank white cards

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1000 Blank White Cards is a nomic party game played with "cards" in which the deck is created as part of the game.

A deck of cards consists of any number of cards (again, the definition is loose) with any or no content. Some may be made beforehand, some may be made at the start of the game. The rules of game are determined as the game is played. There exists no fixed order of play or limit to the length or scope of the game. Such parameters may be set within the game but are (of course) subject to alteration.

A card consists (usually) of a title, a picture and a description of its effect. The title should uniquely identify the card. The picture can be as simple as a stick figure, or as complex as the player likes. The description, or rule, is the part that affects the game. It can award or deny points, cause a player to miss a turn, change the direction of play, or do anything the player can think of.

The rules written on cards in play make up the majority of the game's total ruleset.

The original (as archived by the Internet Archive) webpage. A good satellite page.

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