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This gaming group seeks players

I tried creating a game on and realized they were too damned expensive, so I am creating one here.

I am an avid role-player with a wide variety of experience, AND I am willing to GM as required. Therefore, you should join my game.

If I am running this group.. which it appears I am.. atleast for the time being... I would start with some AD&D 3.5 modules... once it appears that the group is solid/consistent, I would then add other games to the mix. I can handle a fairly descent sized group. I would prefer gamers over 18, because mature subject matters may enter my games, (regardless of how mature they handled). I am used to dealing with gamers of a variety of experience levels, so all are welcome. One last note.. I prefer ROLE-players, over roll-players, rules-lawyers, and combat junkies. The first and third i can accommodate to, but the 2nd is an instant no.

Did I mention potential free pastries?


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