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2009-08-28 02:51:56


I'm looking for a Brisbane City/Southside game.

If there's enough interest I'd be willing to run something.

I prefer short, punchy 'mini-campaigns' (anywhere from 1 - 10 sessions). We can always revisit games later on down the track.

I'd prefer to play on the weekend, once a fortnight (or Friday night), but I'm also open to playing on a weeknight (Wed or Thu is probably preferrable).

I have space to play games, if people don't mind using couches/coffee tables (or the outside table if it's warm enough).

As for the game, I don't mind... Indie, D&D, White Wolf, Catalyst, whatever.

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Looking for FUDGE/FATE fantasy games. Can GM.
2010-12-16 09:10:41

How did you go finding a group? I'm looking too.

Looking for group
2012-04-12 10:34:09

Hi, are you still looking for a group? I need to find something here, I haven't gamed in about a year. I can play or run pretty much anything.

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