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2011-05-25 03:11:46

First of all, if your not interested in the HERO system, never fear. Just do me a favor and read on.

I'm attempting to put together a game of HEROs in Portland OR. I'm a fairly experienced GM but I'm just learning this system so open minded and motivated gamers would be totally helpful. The system lends itself to extreme character customization and is a little rule intensive but I don't want that to scare anyone because I have a good grasp of the rules and can walk new players through it at whatever pace makes them comfortable.

I'm interested in playing all sorts of systems so if your just looking to connect with a group and do a little RPG networking, that is fine by me. If the interest isn't high with HEROs then I am eager to hear what kind of game people are looking for. I'm easy going and very much into accommodating my players to make the experience the most fun for them. Any feedback is most appreciated.

So, in conclusion, if you want to learn a little about a new system, flex your HEROs muscles, or just make a new gaming contact for future gaming opportunities with no strings attached, then drop me a line. I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you elusive dice fiends out there with overactive imaginations.

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