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2008-11-23 19:45:18

Looking for a fantasy setting game. Possibly The Black Company setting, maybe Hyborea, Faerun and Krynn okay too.

System? OD&D, AD&D, D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, True 20, Stormbringer, even a homebrew is okay. *No D&D 4E Please*

Looking for roleplaying and being able to chew setting. Not interested in building the "maximum efficient character build". Combat should be like gravy, not the whole entree. Dungeon crawls are fine if there is a point to it and that's not all there is.

Me and my wife are in our 30's and occasionally even mature.

What we'd like to do is take a "nobody" character of whatever level and build them over time to the point where they are a local or regional "somebody". Not really interested in planar travel, world hopping or really high fantasy (time travel for example).

Hopefully we've given a wide enough idea of what we're looking for without being so narrow that we can't find a match.

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