regular (weekly, bi-weekly) SF groups?

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middle-age geek seeking regular gaming group
2009-01-09 21:33:02

After taking a bit of a hiatus from regular gaming (the once a quarter game i manage doesn't really count as regular) due to life circumstances, i find myself looking for a group that meets in SF on a weeknight for 3-4 hours once every week or two (or three).

I've run games in the past, and feel that i could do so again if i found enough interested parties. While i really like story-driven games, i'm also a fan of tactical combat in games that have combat (though i'm content with wet-erase maps & minis or markers, rather than demanding modeled terrain and painted miniatures). I'd feel comfortable running games with wfrp2 or 3.5 d20 rules, but would be open to trying out more fluid systems (Fate/Fudge and Amber come to mind).

I am more interested in finding a group run by someone else, and am far more flexible about gaming systems in this case.

I prefer groups which defer rule and setting arbitration to the GM. I wouldn't last in a group which spends any significant amount of time arguing with the GM about how much a caravan can carry or what constitutes a reasonable reaction from an NPC. I find this kind of discussion a distraction, and i'm more than willing to let GMs decide what is and is not appropriate in the setting.

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Heaven Sent, Hell Bent
2013-02-16 18:18:59

I too am looking for a group in SF.


Innocence proves nothing
2013-03-08 05:47:50

To anyone in SF/Bay Area looking for a gaming group - I got ya covered

Have a few players for a Dark Heresy campaign and looking for a few more. We'll play every other Sunday 2pm-10pm in San Francisco starting March 31.

Check out our campaign website and drop me a line if you're interested:

Cheers Sean

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