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2015-02-26 01:46:34

Hey guys, GM seeking players here.

I'm building a world for a heavy sandbox style fantasy game with, depending on where the party goes, some Lovecraftian undertones. Again very sandbox with players carving their own path, so I'm building a deep setting with a bit of history but not much plot to go forward, that's all based on player goals/desires. So anything the characters want; skill building, exploration, business starting, settlement founding, privateering, dungeoneering, marketeering, XP hoarding, anything!

I tend to be a more liberal GM with no problem fudging rules and setting house rules, but I appreciate players who can take the role-play aspects seriously (enough). If anyone's interested I'd love to take 2 to 4 players, possibly up to 6.

Also, here's the kicker; I'm looking to run the game at the local Games and Stuff, it'll be on the store's RPG night, so every other Thursday evening, potentially six-ish to eleven. But of course all that's up for negotiation.

Thanks for the consideration guys!

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