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2012-01-21 03:58:48

Starting online campaign using Mumble voice chat and Open RPG or Screen Monkey as the virtual table. You can play from anywhere. Technical support provided if you need help setting up Mumble or Open RPG

Rule set is home brew based on Basic Fantasy Role Playing rules at

If you're interested in learning more, drop me a line with your email and I'll send you an introduction to the world.

Teluria is a light fantasy setting with lots of humor mixed in with mayhem and good old fashioned Old-School adventure.

The focus for this campaign is on a good story that you can tell to someone and have them ask you where they can get the book.

My philosophy of GMing: Leveling is a side effect of well played adventures, and XP is given as much for good role playing as it is for killing monsters.

Campaign website is at www(dot)guildlittledog(dot)org

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2013-03-26 02:38:34

hey im intrested in your online match although i would like to point out that i am new and if your willing to help me understand better the rules i have the starter and set and read through the manual but am still a little confused on stuff but i have played a couple games with friends but i dont get to see them often if your still doing this send me a msg!

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