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2007-10-04 20:37:51

It is 10,188 A.G. The Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV reigns over the Galactic Imperium, with House Harkonnen on Arrakis. Now two bloody conflicts later, the fourty-six year old Aleksandr and his victorious House Troy arrive on Caladan for the second time, now, probably for good, and this is their saga…

This is a Diceless Open-ended Campaign base on Frank Herbert's DUNE Universe. We are looking for a small (3-8) group of dedicated roleplayers who would love to immerse themselves in the travails of a House Minor as one of the members of its entourage. The central conceit if individualism within a group, with all players having their own plans, schemes, goals, allegiances, just like Herbert's famous novels. If you are interested, drop me an email with a character outline so we can get you started.

Available Positions:

House Noble * +

Spymaster *

Warmaster +

Swordsmaster * +

CHOAM Advisor *

Bene Gesserit*

Assassin * +

Suk Doctor *

Sysselraad Delegate +

* limit one, without a good explanation

+ most likely entourage members for House Troy, or ones that I have thoughts about, should someone choose to play them

Any other ideas are more than welcome if well thought out and fits within the story line.

Full characters require a minimum of 2 parts before acceptance: a conversation or story involving the character, and a 'selected journal entries.' The latter may have notes asking me to make certain entries not public, which is fine. This is by no means a maximum, and any other things applicable to your character you wish to add, feel free. The more effort you put in, the more I feel you're committed, so the more integral and 'powerful' (within my judgment) your character can begin.

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