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2009-09-14 06:46:21

A new Pathfinder game is starting at the Toys N Things store in Danvers. We'll be using the Pathfinder core rules and WotC 3.5 books for any additional classes, feats, spells, etc. Characters start at 3rd level and players can use any Pathfinder and WotC published material for their characters, but not any other D20 books.

The game is running on Saturday afternoons starting at 1PM and can go as long as 7PM. This is an open game where regular attendance is encouraged but not required.

Background: The war against the hobgoblins has seen some recent success. Thanks to Jet Shield and other mercenary companies the hobgoblins have withdrawn from the area around Klynn. Recent reports however of Crimson Shield activity near the Plains of Muldoon has the Nations of Light leadership concerned. Originally the Crimson Shield was reported laying siege to a wizards tower deep in the Mulhurn mountains. Once the siege was over NoL leadership expected the Crimson Shield to move west back in hobgoblin controlled territory. Instead reports started coming in that Crimson Shield scouts and pickets are moving east. Five small forts are all that protect the easten plains and stand between the hobgoblin army and the major crop producing region of the Nations of Light. The leadership has been frantically calling for any mercenaries to aid in the defense of the forts. For more information please email:

Toys N Things 66 Maple St Danvers, MA 01923 Phone: [978] 777-1897

— Northshore MA's best game store

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