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Calling all oldschool AD&D players!
2016-01-20 17:55:53

AD&D Allum, veterans, rememberers of yesteryear, Set in your ways? Miss the time when gaming mechanics made sense? I do? remember when Gaming involved some basic math, when leveling up was a simple process, not something you doubled down and put in sectional boxes concerning your class of improvement? Are you In the DC area? Well.....are you???

Well put down those painted fourth edition plastic figures, and bust out the old school Ral Parthas That could kill your cat if it ate one, bust out your dice and those vintage 1st and 2nd edition books with the nekkid female monsters in the monster manuals 1 and 2 and resurrect without constitution check the 1st/2nd edition hybrid of DnD!

Current location Is at my Father's house in Upper Marlboro Maryland. I am looking for veteran players, but not rule lawyers, I am Not worrying about encumbrances, how much tinder you got in your box, the length of your rope nor your ration count. Common sense explanations and certain activities that will gain xp will take care of all that. Im looking for players who are laid back, quick with a joke, or will light up your smoke. People who will both banter over politics or is able to bust out some movie references if gaming situations are similar (Primarily, Monty Python, Spaceballs, big trouble little china, Ghostbusters etc etc) basically anything with great one liners.

usual gaming universe is based on the dragonlance world of Krynn, Hope to find some fellow oldschoolers in the NoVa/DC area....

— "Ray, the next time someone ask you are you a God you say YES!"

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1970's 1st Ed. AD&D-Let's Play
2016-11-29 03:35:51

The Ral Partha ref got me. I am not in the DC area or even in the US. but I think a like mind is better than close geography. I live in Norther British Columbia, Canada.. basically beside Alaska. I am in the PS time zone.

Perhaps we could get something going over Skype? I have built and collected so many models and figures over the years, scaled to 25mm lead figures, that I would like to play using minis. I am more of a DM than a player, but I would defer to your milieu since you are pitching this. I just want to play old rules AD&D and not mix with 'dice-less' games or power games or monty hall games. I like dungeons and wilderness adventures, low powered, low stat p.cs and original monster manual monsters. I dislike over-the-top RPGs and figures such as Warhammer figures from the 90's. Actually, the entire 90's could just go away as far as I am concerned. Hit me back if this interests you. I would play or DM, or a bit of both. Jesse

2018-07-31 00:04:52

Hello, I am looking to join a 1st ad&d again. Have plenty of characters and want to get back into playing 1st edition again. Live in Richmond, but would be up to Skype?

Calling all oldschool AD&D players!
2020-01-03 07:08:19

up for 2020 still looking for gaming.

— "Ray, the next time someone ask you are you a God you say YES!"
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