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2011-07-29 07:37:39

Hi all,

I've got a potential group of 5-7 friends who are interested in learning D&D 4E, but lack the guidance of a DM to teach us the ropes. We're all mid to late 20s, with all of us either at work or at Uni.

Our goal would be to potentially set up a long term group who would meet once a month to play on a Saturday. We can host and provide free food and drinks for said DM (Hence forth known as Operation: Bribe) Most of us are spread out around Western Sydney, but have places we can host in Parklea or Parramatta.

So if you're a DM wanting some newbies to murder with your elaborate traps as part of your MURDER-BLOOD-DEATH-HOUSE-PART-4 campaign we're your group. However if you're the kind of DM who's going to have a stick up-his-arse constantly obsessing over the rules or one of us fielding a comedic character I don't need to hear from you. (IE Cool nerdy relaxed DMs who want to hang out, have fun and drink all our alcohol need only apply)

We're all pretty big fans of the Penny Arcade podcasts, so that's pretty much what you can expect us to be like (Except a lot more rubbish)

If you're interested drop me an email:

Hopefully we'll talk soon!

Cheers, Adam

PS If you've got someone you'd like to bring along we're cool with that as well. PPS We reserve the right to mock said friend for mooching all our food and drinks. PPPS Also 'accidentally' splitting the group and getting them murdered.

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