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2016-04-19 02:24:50

Hi, I'm the DM of a D&D5 group in State College. We right now have three players in what's been an ongoing campaign. We're presently playing with a custom story and world (and to some extent custom rules). We play on Saturday evenings, and normally if we reschedule, we reschedule either earlier on Saturday or to Friday evenings. We normally drink when we play, sometimes a lot.

I'm a PhD student, and I play with my fiancee who is also a PhD student. In general, we are open to playing with whoever.

The campaign is more story-driven than combat-driven, and people talk in character a lot. There are no rules on breaking character (there aren't really rules of any kind), and your character can be as serious or as unserious as you want it to be. That doesn't mean that silly in-character choices will necessarily work though, either.

You don't need to have had any prior experience, though if you have no idea about the game, you're welcome to try watching first to see if you like it. If there are other small-ish groups who have a similar style with interest in merging, then I'm potentially interested (even if it means we merge into your campaign or start a new one).

This is a fairly inactive discussion board, and I'll be interested in D&D/RPGs until I graduate, so if you see this, feel free to reply even if it's old. If what I've described sounds interesting, but you can't participate right now for some reason, then also feel free to reply for more information. Alternatively, email me at

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