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2009-04-22 04:50:21

If you happen to live in or around the Minneapolis West Metro and are looking for a DnD 3.5 campaign featuring Horror Survival, look no further. You can find our homepage at You can also contact "kniteflux" at email (at) "yahoo" (dot) "com".

Time: Sunday, Weekly @ approximately noon to 7 PM Place: Just east of 169 and just north of County Road 9

Me: I've been gaming for 21 years. Much of it has been GMing SR1/2/3, D&D, AD&D1/2, D&D3.5, Conspiracy X, and home brew systems. I've been working on a new campaign world for over a year now and have gone through several beta tests of it and am ready to give it a run.

Campaign: My world is a post-apocalyptic, horror, survival campaign. Fairly generic sounding, but I think I have a few good twists on the situation. The resulting world is a small postage stamp plot of land in the most fertile area of the world where it's populace lives in a near utopia. The only problem is that in the uncivilized world around them looms more undead than our modern nation debt cannot begin to match. Of yea, and the biggest issue is that killing the undead only create more in other parts of the world. What is the solution? Or is there only a good workaround?

My plans on this run of the campaign is to run for around two years and well into epic. After all, the challenge isn't exactly only complex. As with all of my multi-year campaigns, I fully expect to have players come and go over time, but I always have high hopes to keep more than my average of three static players through the course of the campaign. Introducing players later in the game will include guests appearances and temp player NPCs for game flavor and fun for all.

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