Looking for players in downriver michiga

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Creating old school dungeons for players to run
2009-11-21 11:10:30

I have over 20 years created a massive DnD world for players to get involved with and i want to reopen it to anyone who wants to play. Im looking for 3-20 players for hours of goofing fun and alot of serious war. We can play at my house or a central location or whereever. I have over 20 years of DnD experience including dm'ing massive groups at gencon's. I have tons of mini's so you dont need your own. Im looking to start settign up game plays for the new year. Good time to make new friends, have some fun and relax.

Im not a kill you with a +5000 hummingbird Dm if you make me mad. Its all about the fun, and puzzles and alot of killing.

Hope to hear from everyoen soon.

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Jonesin' for some indie action (or WW, or...)
2009-11-22 20:44:42


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