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2008-02-25 22:56:12

AmberCon Arizona

Join us, help us out, make it happen, game in the wonderful world of Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles! :D

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2008-03-13 19:48:34

We now have a Play-by-Post section. (you don't have to live in AZ to enjoy it, of course)

I'll be recruiting for my own PbP forum: 'The Fires of Greymoor'.

Check us out!

DND Minis, Battletech, Star Wars Minis, GURPS
2008-03-26 15:45:53

Are you going to have a Con in Arizona? If so, where in Arizona and when?

2008-04-03 20:35:58

At this time, we're looking at Phoenix, AZ at August 29-31 2008. This event will happen in conjunction with CopperCon 28 gaming to help launch AmberCon Arizona.

This is still very much in the works and there will be opportunities for Players and GMs. If everything goes well, half of the gaming room will be used for "AmberCon Arizona 0"; we will likely get GMs who wish to host games within their suites a discount as well. More info about CopperCon can be found here:

In the future, we will get AmberCon its own gathering, seperate from another con, unless it is necessary to keep it thusly.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or visit AmberCon Arizona forums, at

Thank you for your interest!

2008-04-15 15:42:00

Latest News:

AmberCon Arizona will be hosted as part of the CopperCon 28 Gaming programming! This is going down from Thursday August 28th through Sunday August 31st 2008. The location is Embassy Suites Scottsdale (which is still technically in Phoenix, Arizona, by the way :P ). Gaming will begin Thursday at 6pm and end on Sunday at 3pm.

Gaming will be hosted in the CopperCon Gaming room, which will be open 24hours. Because this year we are running events as part of CopperCon 28, only a membership to that con is necessary to come play and run games, as well as enjoy all other programming that CopperCon has to offer this year. Our aim this year is to raise awareness of AmberCon and the ADRPG within the Arizona community. We are expecting to be a stand alone convention for next year. Please visit their website for membership pricing and additional information about the con. You can find it at

If there are GMs interested in running a game or if you wish to host games in 2-room suites rather than the common gaming room, feel free to contact me via email so that I can organize room-sharing, game submissions, etc... (I was quoted at $139.99 per night for two room suites, including two queen beds, and a separate living room- in other words, 4 adults).

Come host or join a game, support the ADRPG community in Arizona and come have some diceless fun! There is a special rewards program for GMs... More details to come about that.

For more information and Game Submittal information, please visit And the AmberCon Arizona Forum at

Thanks for your interest and support!

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