Looking for nWoD Players near Oly, WA

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Just a conspiracy of cartographers you mean?
2008-08-29 15:53:14

Greetings all,

We are looking for a few dedicated players who would like to get in on a new gaming group forming in the Olympia Area. After finding a suitable gaming group of people that get along and compliment each other, we will be embarking on a Changeling: the Lost game using new WoD system and source materials. The meeting time will most likely be either saturday or sunday afternoons or evenings on a weekly or semi weekly basis depending on peoples schedules. As a last ditch scenario, we may start a Shadowrun game if there isn't enough interest in Changeling.

If interested, please contact Voydangel via this website, and please tell a bit about yourself and any gaming experience you have.


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Everything new is old again.
2008-09-08 17:45:25

I'm interested in nWoD, but not Changeling... Probably won't have an open schedule until 2009, though, so it might not even matter! :-(

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