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2011-11-05 23:53:46

Looking for additional players in the Northern NJ area. Physical playing location will be at Gamer's Grotto in Carlstadt.

Originally started as a dungeon crawl of Greyhawk Castle and has turned into more of a sandbox campaign centered around the City of Greyhawk. Currently winding our way through Temple of Elemental Evil.

Looking for a couple of players willing to round out a party. Currently have 3 dedicated players, a Ftr. and a Cleric and Thief, so pretty much any 1st ed. class is open and available. Note, am using the modified monk rules from Dragon magazine (#53), otherwise its by the book AD&D 1ed.

Would like to meet between 3-4 times a month depending on schedules. Currently playing on Tues. evenings, but flexible depending on group.

Campaign info. Check out the video as well.

— Cheers, Al

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