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Star Wars, Rolemaster, Star Trek, Palladium
2009-03-14 01:41:58

Hi, I'm 37 and have been gaming for over 20 years. I moved to Franklin NH in December and I'd like to join a gaming group. I can GM and/or play I have several games that I can offer if you are interested. Among them is Rifts, Star Wars (WoC), Star Trek (Decipher), and Recon. I'm not into hack n' slash, I really enjoy a good storyline. Please contact me at or call me at 934-3724 becasue... well how do I put this subtly... I'm dying here lol!!!!!!!

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Running with scissors for the gold
2009-03-14 02:11:16

Not quite gaming groups, but check out Econocon in April and OGC (Open Gaming Convention) in July.

Star Wars, Rolemaster, Star Trek, Palladium
2009-03-14 23:53:03

Thanks for the info. It is crazy hard to find any gamers or groups around here. I'll keep at it... thanks again.

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