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2020-05-29 03:35:58

Looking for one or two players for a group in Georgetown (barely - at Hwy 29 and Ronald Reagan) in the Morningstar Subdivision. We have two GMs with alternating games...currently one fantasy and one SF campaign: HarnMaster and Shadows Over Sol. Due to changing schedules, we usually meet on either Saturday or Sunday around 6 PM. In the current situation, we're meeting with Zoom but hope to get back to face-to-face meetings when feasible.

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2020-09-19 19:33:13

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2021-01-31 13:13:03

Yes I doubt if theres possibility in recruiting face-to-face because of current situation. But there are other ways to, you've mentioned Zoom. Last year we hired basketball players for team, and it was a success, pretty sure now isn't.

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2021-06-07 07:48:12

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