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2016-05-11 06:05:03

Hi! We are a lesbian couple looking to get a game going, either D&D 4e or 5e or Pathfinder. We would prefer to play and are new to 5e and Pathfinder so we would like to find a DM, but we need more players as well. We will be hosting at our apartment in Albany either on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays in the afternoon or evening, depending on who joins of course. Things worth mentioning, we have 2 cats, we live right next door to a Circle K, we have a big table to game at, and a medium sized battlemat. If interested you can message me here or email me at!

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2016-07-24 01:08:08

If this is still open, I've got room in my schedule for those dates and am looking for a game.

2016-07-24 01:09:13

Nevermind, wrong Albany

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