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RPG in Melbourne east anyone?
2010-04-17 16:29:13

Looking to kick back and kill some monsters on your free time? Do you want to explore deep caverns and grand castles? Do you want to vanquish evil... or relish in it? Do you enjoy intriguing plots and immersing roleplay? Are your characters more than numbers on paper?

Shadowgate is an awesome text-based and interactive game, currently in need of fresh players! A text-based game means no graphic to limit your imagination and next to no bandwidth use. It is as close to tabletop as a game will ever be.

Players can explore a huge, original world, do automated quests, roleplay with other players and participate in imaginative and original plots and quests, both player-driven and DM-run. It is a roleplay environment, so we do expect your character to be more than numbers. Will you be a hero or a villain? Will you protect the borders from dragons or destroy cities in the name of your god(or simply because it is fun)?

So visit and choose from an extensive selection of races and classes, feats and skills. Like all games should be, this one is of course 100% free and non-commercial. Like all gaming groups, we are currently going through a phase where some old players are moving on, so new and fresh imaginations are welcome!

— Want an awesome RP experience?

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