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2009-08-13 14:22:58

I used to be really into gamming but I took a break and now I am looking to get back into it. I have grown to miss it and I now have a place in which I can host again!

I am not ready to go hard core or anything like that. I am looking to ether start or join a group of Gamers once a week or once every other week during the weekend to play RPG or Role playing games!

I like all kinds of games and even open to try new ones that may have come out since my vacation. I used to LARP a lot, and have run all kinds of games from the 3 person to the 35 to 60 person (though I had help).

I am not looking for hack and slash, I can play those games in my sleep and on action actually do. Im in my mid 30’s male and would like other adults 18 or over to play with. Feel free to drop me a line and lets talk!

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2012-10-17 09:27:43

I totaly feel your pain im also looking for a group call the number on my profile if your interested

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