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2018-09-07 00:30:20

Greetings, I'm hoping to find a good fitting and regular dungeons and dragons group for myself and one other less experienced player.

Idealy we would like a total of 4-6 (2 to 4 besides us two) players AND a DM. We are currently aged between 30 and 24. We consider ourselves "pretty normal" people. We are looking to play with responsible/mature and respectful people. We are NOT looking for people to drink/smoke with WHILE we play (though we wont judge you harshly if you do in your own time). We are looking to play advanced dungeons and dragons, 3.0, 3.5, 5th edition, or pathfinder **and that is pretty much it**. We dont like "modern" stuff like d20modern, or starwars etc... we pretty much like run of the mill D and D/pathfinder rules etc. We have many books, dice, dicebags, and even a couple premade adventures/modules for the above mentioned rulesets. I have some homebrew Ideas as well, but I have honestly not DM'ed for close to 8 years and the other player is willing to Dm, but is inexperienced. I'd prefer to play and let someone else DM, but I'm willing to reteach myself and get back into it for the right crowd. Low-magic campaigns welcome as well.

We're willing to travel about 20 miles, maybe more, OR, if we are comfortable with the group, One of us or both of us may be willing to host as well.

We are looking for weekend (not sundays though) play, either once a week, or maybe 2 to 4 times a month each friday or saturday depending on availability and preferences.

Idealy we would meet 4 times a month with flexibility to cancel once a month for certain family get togethers and holidays or for work etc, but of course we wouldn't judge if you HAD to be absent more than that. We're adults and we understand life happens.


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