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2009-05-04 05:07:17


Our rpg group has decided to switch to D&D 4e ("resistance is futile..."). We're looking for a few more players to join us. Most of the players are gay, and while that's not a requirement, you need to be comfortable in that environment (the table talk is certainly different!)

The location is in North Portland, near to I-5. We're playing once a week, alternating Sundays (Noon-5pm) and Tuesdays (6-10pm). It's okay if you can only make one night or the other; your character will be run by the rest of the group on your off nights.

Although the GM has over 20 years' experience, most of us are new to 4e, so I'm limiting character creation options to PHB and PHB2 for now, with more materials added as we settle into the system.

We will be using a mix of published and original materials and the campaign will be homegrown. It will revolve around the interests and needs of the characters within an overarching storyline. I'm keeping "house rules" to a minimum.

We're looking for new players to join us at the Sunday, May 10th session (yes, I know it's Mothers Day...)

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