AD&D 2E, WORTHING UK, Need extra players

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2009-06-15 09:09:18


The game is coming together! Background: A homebrew setting for AD&D 2nd edition.

Just starting again, so using core rules and perhaps dipping into splatbooks at a later date. But we have access to lots and lots of AD&D!

It is most likely to start running on either Monday 22nd or Tuesday 23rd June in Worthing, UK. Its anticipated that it will happen fortnightly.

We would like to have a couple of more players. We are the old-guard. 30+. But if you are happy playing 2E, age doesn't really come into it, IMHO.

Interested? Let me know, quick!

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2011-10-26 08:40:33

hi there, did i miss the boat for this- i'm suitably old school but not sure if i'm too late. hope the game is shaping up well anyhow.



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