Let's build a group in Utah County

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Looking for a regular game
2013-04-04 00:38:52

I'm seeing a handful of folks here in Utah County that are, like me, looking for a game group. Many of you are open to try new games, also like me. But I'm not seeing nearby groups looking for players, so perhaps we should build a new local group. We could try different games, take turns GMing, and meet at a neutral location--perhaps Dragon's Keep or another local store.

What do you think?

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GM looking for group or players; prefer indie RPGs
2014-06-28 21:38:11

It's been over a year since this was posted and there haven't been any other replies, but I figure it's worth a shot. My current group will be shrinking very soon down to only three players, so we're looking for either more players or else a group to join. I live in West Jordan, but the other two players live in Orem and Lehi.

Anyone still interested?

-John Bogart

2015-08-31 18:24:08

It's been a year since your post, but what of it since then? Haha. Anything going on? I'm in West Jordan.

No wonder I'm losing my mind, the way it wanders.
2015-12-09 17:22:51

Hey, 4 months, I broke the pattern! I live in Spanish Fork.

GURPS, Battletech, Federation Commander
2018-06-12 02:05:24

The fact that I'm the first one to make a comment since 2015 does not bode well. Is anyone in the area into tabletop roleplaying of sci fi/fantasy wargames or should I just nag my daughter about recruiting among her friends who just graduated high school?

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